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SevdahBABY Country: Serbia
Genres: House, Electro-Pop
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Today, as well as 6 years ago, behind SevdahBABY alias stands only one man. His name is Milan Stanković and he is most joyful when he mixes different musical cultures in his tunes. He is not afraid of being accused of heresy from neither audience: for example, from the mainstream or Balkan folk music fans on one hand and representatives of the urban club culture on the other hand. He strongly believes that music is universal, and the Balkan Sevdah is equal to American blues, or Brazilian tristessa.

Two years ago, he gathered his most trusted and talented friends and formed SevdahBABY LIVE. SevdahBABY, who was once a one-man-band, now arouse to a whole new level. Vocalists of this new band, Djixx and Lou Benny, now greatly contribute both in performing and creative manner. SevdahBABY LIVE is a crew which represents the idea of combining the best of both worlds: the power of digital programmed music, as music basis, and the beauty of great live performance.

SevdahBABY is also active as a DJ and he has been performing since 2007. He has played all around ex Yugoslavia, as well as in the neighboring countries. He also performed on the prestigious EXIT Festival in Novi Sad in 2007, 2009. and in 2010 in Dance Arena.

SevdahBABY LIVE band performs with the following members:

-- Djixx -- female vocal

-- Milan Stanković -- vocal, guitar, talkbox

-- Lou Benny -- MC

-- Andreja Jovanović -- drums

-- Dj Prema -- scratch, matrices, effects

The Local Popularity

From the moment that the first SevdahBABY song appeared in Serbian language (the remix of Srdjan Jul's "Koketa") great interest aroused around this artist's work. Soon after that came "3 Poljupca" and "Ljubi me brzo, žurim". These new songs which quickly became hits had the singers in the front. while Milan, SevdahBABY, was only playing bass guitar in the back. This is why a lot of people didn't quite understand who SevdahBABY might be? Could it be that guy with a funny disco folk hat? Or is it the whole band with couple of beautiful ladies behind the microphones? Are they from Serbia, or from Bosnia (because of Sevdah)? Or from Croatia because of the accent in the song "3 Poljupca"? The only thing certain is that SevdahBABY is a solo producer who likes moving musical and social boundaries.


Milan Stankovic has graduated from Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and has worked as an architect for full 5 years. Milan also produces music under alias "Brutt Van Daal".


As SevdahBABY:

1. Tu Pa Tam soundtrack, 2005. Dallas Records, Slovenia

2. Various Assets, 2005. Red Bull Music Academy

3. VA Balkan Beats Vol.2, 2006. Eastblok Music, Berlin

4. VA 2911 EP, 2006. Home Made Electronica, Croatia

5. Various Artists -- Beovizija 2009, PGP-RTS, Srbija

6. Ganc novi FUNK! 2010., Srbija

7. Superheroes, feat. Djixx, 2011., Srbija

8. 17 (Moj prvi put), feat. Djixx 2011., Srbija

9. Pređimo na stvar, feat. Djixx 2011. regional MTV websites

As Brutt Van Daal:

1. 2 semitones, please EP, 2007. Strike Recordings, Colombia

2. BearWho?-Beatbox remix contest, 2007. Dust Trax, Chicago

Experience in music production

•  Milan Stankovic as SevdahBABY composed most of the soundtrack for the Slovenian feature film "Tu pa tam" that was directed in 2004 by young Slovenian director Mitja Okorn. That year "Tu pa tam" was on the top of domestic movies.

•  He published numerous digital and CD releases as SevdahBABY

•  He composed and produced music for over 200 fourty-minute TV-series episodes (Croatian AVA production) and numerous commercials and student films

•  Participated in three international remix contests,l of which the two won under the pseudonym Brut Van Daal. (Bear Who? -- Beatbox Remix Contest 2007 and Olav Basoski Remix Contest 2008)

•  Participated in Beovizija 2009 with the song "Previse Reci". Guest vocal on that song was Miki Element (ex Fifth Element)

•  Milan Stankovic, in cooperation with SevdahBABY LIVE collective, published the first official SevdahBABY album "Ganc Novi FUNK!" on the web site in June 2010. The album "Ganc Novi FUNK!" is a product of a desire of the producer Milan Stankovic a.k.a. SevdahBABY to introduce himself to the Balkan audience, but also a product of enormous creative energy of all the people who participated in it. This album is primarily a story about a party and a typical night out in Belgrade.




The Annual SevdahBABY & Djixx - Make It Better